Many claims end up into litigation, very unnecessarily if you ask me. This is something that both parties could and should avoid. Here are some steps that should be taken:

Use pre-action protocol

These kinds of protocol exist to remove the gap between confronted parties and lead to settlements.

Still there are so many claims that ended up in court. The main reason is probably because the bad-organized system.

Spot multi-track claims early

Sometimes claims have hidden multi-track qualities, and they show them only near the limitation date. It is very important to notice this at the very first beginning. There is a way of some kind of screening to spot the indicators of multi-track potential. Those are injuries like head injuries or others.


Gather case intelligence

The advantage of claimant’s lawyers is in the fact that they have direct access to the accident of victim. The best possible way to achieve this is to meet the claimant directly.

Use surveillance where indicated

Surveillance the word says itself and it isn’t just a method to spy bad guys. This method is also used for defendants. The reason for doing this is to be objective and to verify the reported symptoms if there isn’t any other possible way.

surveillance-eye (1)


Claimants’ lawyer or they personally sometimes decide to wait until the treatment is over and complete.

Don’t be greedy

Sometimes it isn’t good to be greedy. There are so many claims that fail to settle just because both sides want to win.

Pre-med settlement

Sometimes this is the best solution. With this option all the intrusions can be avoided or prevented.

The point of all these advice above is to prevent going on litigation. You don’t want to have extra costs just because you ended up in court. Court expenses can be very high; every service will cost you a lot. So if you just get familiar little more about your rights and ways how to avoid it why don’t you do that? It is always better to prevent something then being sorry at the end. Now when you know them, try to use them. If you want to find out more about this topic don’t hesitate to contact navigate to this web-site.